My name is Richard Harvey and I am a consultant psychiatrist who has been in practice for over 25 years.

As an alliance of private psychiatrists, we offer personalised, recovery-oriented mental health care delivered by secure video telehealth. 

Our objective is to make specialist services more available to those in need of high quality mental health care.

Our practices are private billing specialist practices offering follow-up and ongoing care via telehealth.

My areas of specialist practice are the provision of support for people seeking gender-affirming surgery . and the assessment and management of ADHD in adults under the age of 40. I see only these two patient groups. I currently have very limited capacity to see patients with ADHD.

My highly experienced colleague, Dr Catherine Maud sees women with reproductive-related mental health issues and patients with OCD.

I warmly welcome enquiries by phone or e-mail and will do my best to help you work out whether a consultation would help you or a family member.

Due to very high demand, waiting times for an initial appointment are currently higher than usual. Our books are open for selected referrals.

Telehealth and Medicare

Telehealth is now supported via Medicare for all Australians.

Whether you live in a major city or the bush you are able to access video telehealth to see a psychiatrist.

Out of pocket fees apply for most consultations.

Why do I need a referral?

As medical specialists, we work closely with your GP to get the best outcome for you. A GP understands all aspects of your health, both physical and psychological and can address any health issue you may have, including preventative health care.

You will need to visit your GP and ask for a referral to see us. GPs are sympathetic and supportive and will generally provide the referral that you need.

Medicare requires a referral for me to be able to offer a Medicare rebate for your appointment. Without a referral you would need to pay the full cost of the consultation.

Once you have a referral, you can book your initial appointment online.

Please note that we do not accept referrals from "Instant" or "online" referral services. Referrals must be from your usual treating GP to ensure continuity of care.

When would telehealth not be appropriate?

By its very nature, telehealth is based on the patient and the doctor being at some distance from each other, and for the patient to be willing and able to safely engage in the consultation. 

Patients who are at moderate or high risk of harm to themselves or to others are generally not appropriate for telehealth. 

This could include patients who are acutely suicidal, homicidal or intoxicated by alcohol or other drugs. 

We do not provide an emergency service. Appointments need to be booked several days or weeks in advance and we are not able to provide an emergency response

In an emergency situation (where someone is at immediate risk of harm) it is best to dial 000 or to attend the emergency department at your local hospital.